Wednesdays Meeting Changes!

New Location & New Time

Early Risers: 7:30 AM Networking
8:00 AM Meeting Starts

The Early Risers has been meeting for Breakfast EVERY Wednesday Morning now for 15 years.

Every week we meet and discuss various real estate topics, we review deals and so much more. Education to better your investing strategy.

Monthly meeting are GREAT but If you can’t wait until our next monthly meeting to get your investment fix, this is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Join us the Charlotte REIA & the Early Risers Every Wednesday morning as we grab a cup of coffee with about 20 or so local pros. Real People who made the Choice.

This is a great opportunity for investors to network with the local “players” and learn from those who are doing it every day.

You really need to check this out!!!

Movers and Shakers is a breakfast meeting for educational and networking group led by Linda Dana that is designed to meet all levels of investors, beginners and advanced investors .

Where: The Common Market 235 W Tremont Ave. Charlotte, NC

Time: 7:30 AM

non-members for $3.00.  

1 thought on “Wednesdays Meeting Changes!”

  1. I am a senior lady seeking to do my first deal with little or no money … Having a hard time finding properties that have enough ARV to split with a GAP Lender and make at least $15-20k profit. Would really like to get connected to Wholesalers who are kind enough to sell me Fix & Flip properties for a small profit on their end to allow me [the Fix & Flipper] to make a profit to build some financial capital to hopefully move forward keeping the profits. We all have to start somewhere … just need a little help & consideration to start! Look forward to coming to these meetings. Would appreciate you adding me to your investors email listing. Hopefully, see you soon…

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