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LANDLORDS EVICTION Workshop Paperwork / Leases Done the RIGHT Way


Paperwork / Leases Done The Right Way

A Half Day of How to Protect yourself as a Landlord

January 18th, from 9AM to 1PM

@Rain Tree Country Club
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Evictions today are more challenging than ever Mecklenburg county. Mecklenburg County has always been a pro Tenant county when it comes to evictions but things are getting worse. Legal aid attorneys are showing up and soliciting our tenants before they go into court literally inside the courthouse. They are there to represent the tenants on the fly as a result. This is costing us, investors, thousands of dollars literally!

It is more important than ever that you have all your paperwork in place!

Join us on Jan 18th, 2020 for a 4 HOUR Workshop where Michael Mitchem, local Investor & George Gibbs local attorney will provide answers to all your questions

What Will You Learn…….

  •  How do you evict a tenant that’s on a lease option?
  • Do you evict for possession?
  • Do you evict for monies owed?
  • Do you evict for both?
  • How much does an eviction cost?
  • Can I charge a late fee for my tenant?
  • If my tenant pays partial rent can I still evict?
  • Do I have to wait 10 days before filling?


  • Ways to Qualify Tenants
  • What kind of State is North Carolina ?
  • What are the Best types of leases to use : NC Realtors Lease : AANC Lease (24 pgs)
  • Learn how to Know your lease read it from front to back highlight the areas that apply to your tenants conduct
  • What does Pay or Quit mean
  • The old time line for taking a tenant to cou
  • What are some of the reason tenants do not pay their rent ?
  • What are the months of the year that tenants have trouble or do not pay their rent ?
  • Documentation: When a tenant Breaches or Violates the lease how to cover yourself:
  • Land lords rights
  • In the court room do’s and don’ts
  • Time frame for tenant to move
  • If your tenant appeals the eviction then you will be sent a new trail date if your property is registered in an LLC , Trust , or Incorporation then you need an attorney to represent you in court this is the law your tenant do not need one.
  • What to do after the 10 days and your tenant has not moved out
  • If tenant leaves belongings or furniture in the house they have 5 days to make arrangements with you to come and get it after that you can dispose of it the way you want.

You will get ALL the Documents that you’ll need when you Attend. You will Learn how to Fill them out Properly

Who will be Teaching….

Michael Mitchem is a North Carolina Native who attended Central Piedmont Community College and received a degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management, and one as a professional Housing provider after college Michael got involved in Real Estate on the bottom floor as a contractor’s helper in 2002 Michael soon learned that there was more to Real Estate than being a contractor.

He began to learn what Real Estate investing is all about and soon became a property manager Since 2007 Michael has done over two Hundred and three evictions with a score of 197 wins to 6 loses Michael continues to learn as a student of Real estate while building portfolio’s and creating retirement vehicle’s for other investors.

Michael is a very entertaining Speaker with a teaching method unlike any you have ever seen before, Michael only speaks and teaches classes in Real Estate two times a year.

So you do not want to miss this opportunity to be one of the few who will benefit from his store house of Real Estate knowledge.

George E Gibbs Jr. is a North Carolina Licensed Attorney serving Defendants in Mecklenburg, Gaston, Union and surrounding North Carolina Counties. George focused in criminal law during law school with courses such as North Carolina DWI, Cyber Crimes, Landlord / Tenant rights, Criminal Procedure, Criminal Law, National Security Law, Criminal Litigation and North Carolina and Federal Sentencing. George also interned with the Gaston County Public Defender where he directly negotiated and entered successful pleas for indigent clients. George also has additional course work with North Carolina Traffic Law and training with the Mecklenburg County Public Defenders office. George has experience with a variety of criminal offenses in North Carolina.

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