Lima One Capital

Lima One Capital, LLC is a fully capitalized, direct lender for residential real estate investors and homebuilders, headquartered in Atlanta. We are transforming the industry standard for lending with our highly competitive and straightforward rates, the length of our loans, and our unmatched customer service. Our loans provide our clients with the ability to capitalize on great opportunities in the real estate market. And we hold firm to a policy of no hidden fees and no junk fees. We close quickly and offer our clients the most professional customer service in the industry.

We offer a 13-month loan, which is perfect for real estate investors who plan to sell the property, refinance it through conventional lenders, or conduct a 1031 exchange. We also offer a longer, 5-year loan for those investors who want to hold onto the property and rent it out in order to generate income.

Our mission at Lima One Capital, is to become the nation’s largest and most respected lender dedicated to real estate investors and homebuilders. We are committed to serving our borrowers and exist to assist them in succeeding with each investment property they undertake. Our unique team process adds value and mitigates risks for our borrowers. We emphasize excellence and integrity in every aspect of our business and we possess the moral courage to carry out those principles always.

The Lima One Capital team has a passion for our borrowers and their entrepreneurial spirit. We love this industry because we recognize the social and economic impact that our borrowers have on communities and the economy as a whole. Lima One Capital is proud to play a role in this process. Our borrowers experience the most efficient and professional lending process in the business today.

Don’t miss out on great opportunities in today’s residential real estate market. In order to find out more about our company and the loan products we offer, or to apply for one of our loans, please visit our website at LimaOneCapital.com.

Lima One Capital, LLC

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Phone: (704) 960-3393
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