Movers & Shakers Breakfast Has a New Meeting Location

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Wed, July 26th at 8:30AM @ Menu’s Catering Charlotte , NC
Movers & Shakers Weekly Breakfast
Menu’s Catering & Restaurant 5445 77 Center Dr, Charlotte , NC
Charlotte REIA Members No Charge
$3.00 For Not-Yet Members

Linda DanaJoin us at the Movers and Shakers Breakfast every Wednesday at 8:30AM at Menu’s Catering & Restaurant located at 5445 77 Center Dr in Charlotte, NC, with Linda Dana and 20 or so other Real Estate Pros. People who have made the choice!

This is also a great opportunity for investors to network with the local “players” and learn from those who are doing it every day. Every week we discuss various real estate topics, we review deals and so much more. Excellent Education to better your investing strategy.

Charlotte REIA Members Please RSVP on
Charlotte REIA Members Please RSVP on

Movers and Shakers is a breakfast meeting for educational and networking group led by Linda Dana that is designed to meet all levels of investors, beginners and advanced investors.

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