Linda Dana

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Linda DanaLinda began her investing career over a decade ago. Linda who is a single mom has become a highly successful Investor who has proven to all those naysayers out there… that you can be an Investor and Invest in Real Estate without having a A++ credit rating and without having a lot of money. Linda believes herself to be a “Transaction Engineer” developing her niche, “Buying on Terms and Selling on Terms”.

As a result of Linda’s talents she was invited to become a member of the USA Mentor team for “Rich Dad University” and spent just about 7 years traveling the Unites States teaching others how to build “Long Term Wealth” using real estate.

You have heard speakers say “You don’t need to OWN it, you need to CONTROL it” Linda who is known as one of the most knowledgeable & creative minds in her market, started specializing in a strategy called “Cooperative Assignment” a total transparent transaction. Educating the homeowner (seller) on the benefits of selling with owner financing via a “Land Contract” a method that’s has been around decades. While controlling the property with an option Linda then finds a qualified buyer and assigns her option. The investor gets a “consulting fee” as the “Transaction Engineer” and backs out while partnering the seller & buyer together… A totally TRANSPARENT transaction.

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