Jeffrey Richman

Posted on August 23, 2016 by

Jeffery RichmanJeffrey Richman has been in the world of real estate investing since 1994. Starting with the buying and rehabbing of properties, he quickly moved into other areas of property investing. His specialty is Subject To. He does Wholesaling and Subject To anywhere in the country as long as the numbers work. To date, he has done well over 200 transactions, which include wholesaling, assignment of contracts, Subject To (the art of buying property with little or no money), Lease / Options or Rent-To-Own (depending on the price point of the property), owner financing, pre-foreclosure, and foreclosures, short sales and more.

He started in Broward County, Florida and to date has done property deals in more than 15 states. He has spoken on many topics nationally from stage as well as syndicated radio and Internet shows.

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