Jason Roberts

Posted on September 23, 2015 by

Jason RobertsIn 2001 and at the age of 21, Jason decided on somewhat of a whim that he wanted to open a mortgage company. With no experience and from the spare bedroom of his condo, Jason was able to turn nothing into something incredible. Within just a few years the company had over 50 employees and was bringing in millions of dollars a year.

Then just as quick as it happened, the mortgage meltdown of 2007 entered the picture and slowly started to eat away at everything Jason had worked so hard to build. His company bled around $30,000-$50,000 per month for almost 3 years before there was no more money to bleed.

We’ve all heard the stories from GURUS about how to make money in real estate with no money down, no credit etc. Jason was about to put it to the test. In 2010, Jason lost his home to foreclosure, cars repossessed, and even had to file a personal chapter 7 bankruptcy. Can somebody really invest in real estate in the middle of being completely wiped out? Let me assure you, it can be done. In 2011 Jason flipped over 100 homes for just shy of $3.6 million dollars in profit, and hasn’t shown any signs of stopping since!! And the best part about it is, he does this in about an hour or two a day.

Jason now spends most of his time living out his vision and providing personal and business coaching, all the while maintaining a highly successful and profitable real estate investing business. Jason is also one of the top speakers in the country on Real Estate Investing where he is able to fulfill his true passion of helping others succeed!

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