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Bill HamI have built a 400 unit real estate portfolio in middle Georgia without ever walking into a bank and putting money down! I didn’t say that I did all of those deals were “No Money Down”. In a lot of cases I made cash offers and put 100% of the money down with some left over to do the repairs…but I didn’t say it was any of MY money!

Before I started in real estate almost nine years ago and after graduating college, I became a corporate pilot and flew for a local medical supply company for several years. It didn’t take long for me to figure out that as a pilot I was really important from takeoff to landing. Once on the ground, as a pilot, I was not so important anymore. After spending many long hours sitting at some desolate airport or nearby café sipping coffee waiting for my passengers to decide they finally wanted to go home. I realize that as much as I like to fly airplanes…doing it when someone to told me to do it was not all that fun. I was a glorified limo driver!

After about a year of going to REIA group meetings, reading all things real estate, and taking every real estate seminar and course I could find I finally did my first deal! A duplex. One of my friends was selling it and I asked if I could buy it. Shortly after he agreed I realized one small issue. I didn’t have any money!

Here was where I learned the one rule of business that made all the difference in future financial life.

People have problems, and solving them is a business that pays well!

My friend needed some repairs done to the property. I was willing to do the repairs in exchange for seller financing. He agreed and I took possession of my first deal. A few months later I was able to refinance the deal with a local lender. I said that I never used a bank to buy the property up front. I have lots of bank loans but all of them have been as an exit strategy after taking control of the deal with some form of creative financing such as a master lease option, seller financing or using debt partners.

Now that I had closed my first deal I did what any good entrepreneur should do…I quit my job! I have cashed in a small amount of company stock that I have been given while working at the medical supply company that was worth $10,000. The duplex was cash flowing a whopping $300 a month and I was now retired and a full time real estate entrepreneur.

Before the $10,000 dollars ran out I had closed on enough real estate to feed my self through passive income. Some properties I flipped and some I held for cash flow but I never used any of my own money to get the deal done. Now I have created a 400 unit portfolio as well as my own management company with 8 employees.

What I can teach you came from not only surviving on the streets of this down turned economy, but by thriving in it. Now after several years of teaching these techniques I have had many students reach financial freedom without using banks! Are you next..?


  1. Jeff Auton says:

    Will Bill be talking at any other local REIA’s? I have a commitment 12/5 an dwould like to hear him, actually there have been several that I have wanted to come to the presentation but had prior commitments. Could a link be added to show other engagements of the speakers inthe near future.

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