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Thurs, Dec 5th at 6:00 PM at Hyatt Place Arrowood
Charlotte REIA Main Meeting
Dec 5th at 6PM at the Hyatt Place / Arrowood
Charlotte REIA Members Can Attend at No Charge.
Guests Pay $20 at the Door.
How to Create a $10,300 Monthly Positive Cash Flow Without Having to Deal with a Single Tenant!
With Special Guest, Bill Ham

Bill HamOn Thursday, December 5th at the Charlotte REIA Meeting, Bill Ham will teach you how to create a $10,300 per month positive cash flow and become a multi-millionaire in five years or less by investing in single family houses and then transitioning into apartment buildings!

Bill is a student and colleague of David Lindahl and has been investing in real estate for over 8 years where he has built a 400 unit real estate portfolio in middle Georgia without ever walking into a bank and putting money down. He created his entire real estate investing portfolio using creative and seller financing.

Join Bill at Charlotte REIA where he will teach you:

  • How to Recognize Market Cycles and Use Them to Become Wealthy Fast!
  • How To Find Good Quality Management Companies to Manage Your Tenants so You Don’t Have to!
  • The 5 Steps To Creating Wealth Through Real Estate Investing
  • How to Find Motivated Sellers of Apartment Buildings and Get Them to Call You!
  • How to Analyze an Apartment Building in 3 minutes or Less to Determine if It’s a Deal!
  • The 6 Value Plays that You Should Look for in Every Deal—Finding Just One Can Make You a Fortune!
  • How to Explode Your Wealth Using 1031 Tax Free Exchanges!
  • Why There is Far Less Risk Owning Apartment Houses!
  • How to Refinance and Get Chunks of Cash—Tax Free!
  • Many Other Money Making Systems and Strategies
  • And much, much more including answers to your questions…

Come join Bill and the rest of us at the Charlotte REIA Meeting on Thursday, December 5th  at 6PM at the Hyatt Place Charlotte/Arrowood located at 7900 Forest Point Blvd in Charlotte, NC and learn how to invest in apartment buildings without using your own cash or credit.

Click to view Cruise VideoWIN A CRUISE: All participants who attend the Charlotte REIA Meeting on December 5th will entered into a drawing for a chance to win a *Complimentary 2 Day Cruise to the Bahamas with Caribbean Cruise Line! *You must be present at the meeting to win. The 2 day Cruise does not include port fees, transportation and taxes.

Thurs, Dec 5th at 9:30 PM at Chili’s Grill & Bar

Chili'sAfter the conclusion of the Charlotte REIA Meeting, we will be reconvening at Chili’s Grill & Bar in Whitehall Commons located at 8164 S Tryon St in Charlotte, NC for the “Meeting-After-The-Meeting”. Chili’s will be offering $4.99 appetizers as well as food and drink specials for our members and guests. Come eat, drink, network and have fun with us as hang out late into the night! Thanks Chili’s!

Bill Ham

Posted on November 26, 2013 by

Bill HamI have built a 400 unit real estate portfolio in middle Georgia without ever walking into a bank and putting money down! I didn’t say that I did all of those deals were “No Money Down”. In a lot of cases I made cash offers and put 100% of the money down with some left over to do the repairs…but I didn’t say it was any of MY money!

Before I started in real estate almost nine years ago and after graduating college, I became a corporate pilot and flew for a local medical supply company for several years. It didn’t take long for me to figure out that as a pilot I was really important from takeoff to landing. Once on the ground, as a pilot, I was not so important anymore. After spending many long hours sitting at some desolate airport or nearby café sipping coffee waiting for my passengers to decide they finally wanted to go home. I realize that as much as I like to fly airplanes…doing it when someone to told me to do it was not all that fun. I was a glorified limo driver! Read More→